Do you take good care of your car?

Today, cars are one of the indispensable necessities of life, and they are the daily companions that we may have more time with than our homes!
Do we maintain our cars and provide them with the necessary care to always remain the best companion for us and continue working for a longer period without problems ? What are the tips that prevent our vehicles from turning into a tired companion over time and we seek to change it?

In this article, we will address the most important and simple tips that will surely preserve your car to last you a long life and reduce the many costs that you may happen because of neglecting your car.


Change the engine oil
There are many consumable parts in cars that have a shelf life and must be changed to maintain the performance of the car, perhaps the most famous of which is the periodic and continuous change of vehicle oil, and it is recommended to replace it every 6 months at least or at the time specified by the car manufacturer. This matter in Very important, because it directly affects the performance and life of the car engine, and works to reduce friction between engine parts, prevent wear and reduce temperatures caused by friction.
Failure to adhere to this periodically will lead to the accumulation of impurities on the engine parts and thus reduce its efficiency, and lead to the oil gradually losing its properties and losing its ability to resist rust. An inevitable result of this will lead to the engine's destruction faster because of its inability to reduce friction between its parts.
Always make sure to change the oil on time, to guarantee you a longer engine life and an easier life with your car.


Periodic maintenance of the vehicle
Periodic maintenance guarantees a longer life for your car and maintains its continued good performance. Delay or neglect in maintaining your vehicle may cost you more than you expect. Car parts depend heavily on each other, and therefore neglecting to replace one of the parts may lead to damage to the other.
The fixed periodic maintenance for vehicles varies on the type of vehicle and the manufacturers' instructions for it, but one of the most popular fixed periodic maintenance is a maintenance every 10,000 km, and it starts with changing the places of the front and rear tires, changing the external gasoline filter, oil and engine filter, and many other things. The parts, and the most important periodic changes are fluid and oil changes, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, as they are considered the driving spirit of the car. Therefore, you must always adhere to the periodic maintenance schedule, especially in cases of heavy use.
Following up and taking care of the maintenance of the car gives it a longer life far from any bad surprise that obstructs your way. Also, attention to maintenance saves from the risks that may result in moderate accidents and may reach severe.


Keep the car from rusting
Rust is one of the biggest problems facing car owners, especially in high-climate regions, and it harms the exterior of the car and leads to shortening the life of the car. But!! What are the causes of rust?
climate: Continuous exposure to rain leads to an increase in the oxidation of the car's metal, and salts can significantly accelerate the corrosion process, in addition to the role of high temperatures in increasing corrosion rates.
Age of the car: Over time, the protective car paint is subjected to corrosion, and exposure of metal surfaces to moisture for prolonged periods leads to rusting in the end.
manufactured materials: Old cars were made without protective paint, which made them more susceptible to rust corrosion, which led to the development of materials and products for cars by manufacturers to prevent their damage.
All of these reasons may reduce the life of the car's exterior, but how can we keep the rusted car to live longer?
Using a ceramic layer because it protects against sun damage and oxidation caused by weather conditions
- Wash your car once every two weeks to help prevent rust from reaching the corners of the car and focus on the underside.
- Pay attention to the cleanliness of the interior cabin, although rust often affects the car from the outside, but it may also infect it from the inside if it is neglected to clean the spilled drinks stains inside, so it is important to wash the car from the inside periodically.
-Using rust removers, which help prevent oxidation.
Rust is a problem that is easy to solve and we can protect our vehicles from it, but neglecting it may cause problems that are difficult to solve.


wash the car regularly
Caring for interior car parts extends their life and keeps them safe, but in fact there is a simple, easy and no less important step in the car care program, which is its internal and external cleaning. Research has shown that cleaning the car reduces fuel consumption by 10% more than unclean cars due to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the car and thus causes an obstacle to towing due to blockage of ventilation and air conditioning holes, and this leads to greater fuel consumption.
Cleaning the car from the outside constantly and in a correct manner helps preserve the car’s paint for as long as possible, and protects the car from external scratches as a result of dust or wrong cleaning of vehicle surfaces.
Some of us may neglect our car and neglect the commitment and regularity of washing it periodically, believing that it is a waste of time and money, but the reality is that the more we neglect the internal and external attention to it, the shorter the life of the car and the greater the cost of taking care of it. Therefore, if we want to maintain our vehicles, we must Always commit to what is beneficial to her.
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