6 mistakes when cleaning the car

Car cleanliness and care is a great priority for all owners and concerns them a lot. In addition to its cleanliness, it gives an elegant look to it, it also helps to extend the life of the car and maintain it. Caring and maintaining the cleanliness of the surfaces of cars keeps the paint lasting longer and helps Reducing vehicle repair costs in the event of a paint problem.

But there are many common mistakes that car owners make while cleaning their cars without their knowledge of those mistakes that harm their vehicles. In this article, we review the most prominent 6 mistakes that you should warn about when cleaning the car.

Everybody wish their car is always clean while driving but in reality everyone is busy in their world so they do not get enough time to clean their car and most of the time they do some common mistakes which is having adverse effect to their car where the owner indirectly expense a lot.

In this article we review the most common 6 mistakes that we should avoid while cleaning the car.


1st Mistake- Clean the car in the sun

Be careful to wash your car in the sun under high temperatures, because in the meantime, the surfaces of the cars absorb the heat of the sun and become hot, and this is not compatible with the car cleaners that are recommended to be used and stored at low and moderate temperatures. This may cause leaving marks Water spots on the surface of the vehicle due to the vehicle drying out from the sun’s temperature instead of drying it with a cleaning towel or car dryer. 

Therefore, make sure to clean the vehicle in the shade and at a medium water temperature and always make sure to dry it immediately after cleaning.


Mistakes 2- Car Cleaning Tools & accessories


Using paper towels, old clothes, dry dust brushes have high possibilities to scratch your car.


- Make sure to use high quality microfiber clothes to clean your car.

- Wear hand gloves to protect your hands from direct contact with detergents and chemicals.

- Always clean the accessories after cleaning the car.


Mistake 3 -Pay attention to the direction of cleaning the car

Another  common mistakes cleaning cars is to clean them from the bottom up because the bottom is usually dirtier than the top, and this is completely wrong because when cleaning the bottom part, the hard dust will be deposited in the towel, which in turn will scratch the top of the car. Therefore, it is preferable to always start from the top down. The only exception is to start cleaning the tires of the vehicle first, because it is the dirtiest part because of its constant friction with the roads. It is always recommended to clean the tires at the beginning to protect the upper part of the car from getting dirty again after cleaning it.

Cleaning the car in circular motions, and it must be taken into account to clean the car in one direction from front to back so as not to cause scratching the car in separate places and directions, which are more visible in cars with dark paint.


Mistake 4 - Handling tough dirt

In-case there is hard dirt such bad bird droppings in the roof or in the Glass of your car, do not clean only with wipes and water , you must spray water well to make the dirt very soft , leave it for a few seconds, then you spray water again with an appropriate amount of car cleaner so that it will not scratch your car.


Mistake 5- Using dishwashing liquid

It is absolutely not recommended to use dishwashing liquid to clean your car because it destroys the wax that is used to maintain the car paint, so it is recommended to use car shampoo. One of the most important points that many people neglect is to read the instructions on the back of the cleaning packages, because It determines how to use the cleaner and the appropriate amount of the liquid , some people believe that a larger amount gives better results, but in fact, excessive use of chemicals can lead to adverse  results, so read the product usage information to get the best results.


Mistake 6- Beware of unreliable laundries

Car washes are the quick, convenient and safe solution, but the car wash must be chosen carefully and ensure the quality of the machines and tools used by them. Care must be taken and stay away from car cleaning places that use water only at high pressures, and this may cause a great danger to the paint and can also be damaged. It enhances the stitches and fixes the dust more in the vehicle.

Cleaning the car is very important and needs special care and attention, and it is always recommended to use professional car wash companies. 

The details may seem a lot and annoying and we do not have enough time to take care of all the details mentioned in this article, so trust us, we can help you and save your time and effort. You can book an appointment to wash your car through the BeClean application and we will reach you on time as per your convenient.

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